Before Plunging – Give Some Thought to …

February 25, 2017

Things to think about, do & plan for …

  1. What do you want the announcer to say when you take your leap? You’ll get a 3×5 card with your name on it that goes directly to the announcer. Think about what you want said, and get your card filled out and ready to go!
  2. Bring a change of clothes, and a towel if you’d like. Towels will be provided on site by Alaska Club, and need to be returned. Make sure you bring a warm coat to enjoy all of the festivities too!
  3. Think about wearing a pair of shoes to jump. Some do, some don’t, but I venture it might be easier on the feet if they’ve got a sole under them.
  4. Jumpers that are under 18: You will need to have a parent on site for the event. Your parent will need to register with you and provide photo ID and sign a Parental Consent Waiver.
  5. If you are collecting cash and checks make sure you have a Donation Tracking Form filled out and ready to by verified. All checks should be made payable to Mat Su Sertoma. This helps us move registration along MUCH FASTER! We appreciate it!
  6. During the Event: Be ALERT! Know your jumper number and prepare accordingly. Listen for your number to be called and be ready to jump!
  7. After you jump, enjoy the hot tub for 2-5 minutes, and then let other plungers have their turn.
  8. Pack it in, pack it out! We find a lot of personal belongings after this event.. and its almost impossible to reunite them with their owners. Avoid this by keeping an extra eye out for your things.
  9. Day of Registration starts at 10am on the 15th – so be there and be prepared!
  10. If you are jumping along with friends or in a team, REGISTER TOGETHER. Have your whole group ready to register so that you can get consecutive numbers.